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Parcel22 is the first unlimited monthly wardrobe rental subscription company dedicated to details that actually matter. Ya know things like looking as good as you feel, staying within a responsible budget and giving back to the community in meaningful ways.

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Step 01 Find Your Faves

First things first, we want to get to know you! Create a login and start by taking our style quiz. Once we discover what you love, we can start recommending pieces for your first Parcel.

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Step 02 Shape Your Shipment

Curate your Parcel delivery before it ships. Wear what you like as long as you like until you're over it. You're completely in charge of how ofter you switch out your items - the subscription is unlimited.

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Step 03 Edit & Repeat

Keep what you want for a discounted price, exchange the rest and receive your next Parcel days later. You're completely in charge of how often you switch out your items - the subscription is unlimited.

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No Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

Enjoy Endless Amounts Of Value

Unreal Savings

Our subscription plan gives you access to an unlimted wardrobe without having to purchase anything. As a member, you can also save up to 80% on items you wish to keep.

Style Savvy

Our style quiz feature helps us choose pieces we think you'll love. We’ve created a proprietary algorithm that helps identify your personal style choices as you shop.

Unlimited Parcels

Receive as many Parcels as you can wear for a flat monthly rate! Once your Parcel is returned using the pre-paid shipping label provided, your next Parcel will be sent out.

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Customized Control

Before your recommended Parcel is shipped, you have two days to swap out any pieces or simply approve it as-is. The sooner it’s approved, the sooner you’ll receive it.

Less Laundry

We take care of the laundry so you don’t have to! We’ve partnered with a go-green laundering and dry cleaning service to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Giving Back

Rent your wardrobe and reduce unnecessary clothing waste. For each monthly Parcel subscription a portion of the proceeds will be gifted to women who need support and guidance to a better living situation. All pieces that do not sell or surpass their life cycle are also donated directly to these women of Genesis Shelter and Support.

Browse Away & Curate Your Parcel Delivery

Our virtual Closet is updated around the
clock to provide you with new options at
every turn.

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Pick Your Ideal Parcel22 Plan

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Let's Keep It Simple...


  • 3 Articles of Clothing
  • 2 Accessories
  • Unlimited Exchanges

$65 / MONTH

Gimme all the outfits...


  • 4 Articles of Clothing
  • No Accessories
  • Unlimited Exchanges

$75 / MONTH

This Is Too Good...


  • 5 Articles of Clothing
  • 3 Accessories
  • Unlimited Exchanges

$85 / MONTH


No Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

How We Give Back

Natasha August

Meet Our She-EO Natasha August

“My goal will always be to empower women to look as good as they feel. I hope I can help with both.”

On A Mission Feel, Look And Do Good

As an extroverted tech nerd with a curiosity towards cultural selfexpression, Natasha has been lucky enough to call many destinations home. San Francisco, Madrid, Uganda, Austin, and now Dallas (with her husband and baby-to-be) led her to the opportunity to acquire and completely reimagine Parcel22 with a completely new set of values. “I wanted to find a way to freshen up my closet without also breaking the bank and staying in line with the all the freedom that comes with a more minimalist approach to life. But giving this to others? That’s my dream – and it’s coming true.”

Natasha now infuses her background in digital international business with her fascination in visual identity, tribal-like communities and couture fashion. But the cherry on top is the ability to have it all within a REAL LIFE budget, for REAL LIFE humans with REAL LIFE constraints. For Natasha, “owning” a style shouldn’t mean buying it outright or collecting clutter. Owning it is about feeling good, looking good, doing good, while having the ability to switch it up according to your mood, destination or occasion.

“I truly believe any type of self expression is an opportunity to connect with the world, our communities and even ourselves.”
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22 CENTS +

On A Mission To Empower Women

Fighting Domestic Violence With Every Single Parcel

Parcel22 is blessed and excited to announce a partnership with Genesis Women’s Shelter to raise awareness for women silently struggling through domestic violence.

Each year, Genesis sees 1200 women and children at their Emergency Shelter, Long-Term Housing Facility and NonResidential Counseling office. The women who come to them are in a fight for their life from domestic violence. Genesis aims to walk alongside each woman and tell her she is not alone and she deserves to feel safe and happy. Their services are formulated to address the issue holistically and give each woman the same message: there is help and there is hope.

For each monthly Parcel subscription, a portion of the proceeds will be gifted to these brave women needing the support and uplift to rise above their current situation. But it doesn’t stop there. All pieces that do not sell or surpass their life cycle are also donated directly to the Genesis Women’s Shelter. We hope our contribution from Parcel22 will champion women’s voices and provide a second chance at living a life surrounded by love and community.

“If we truly want to end domestic violence, we need to see these women for who they are; our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, and more. Domestic violence can affect any women, regardless of age, ethnicity or social economical class. We will not stop until women and children are safe in their own homes.”


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